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Duty, Honor, Country. Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be.

Douglas MacArthur




2019 US Veterans News Links

 It takes an average of 4-6 hours to scour the internet in search of U.S. Veterans News.  We do the work for you twice a week, just follow the organized links to the veteran news that interests you most and ignore the rest. 

Military Veterans today are trending their internet searches toward: The Veterans Administration, Veterans Services, Department of Veteran Affairs, the VA Hospital as well as policy changes affecting U.S. Veteran benefits. It might surprise you to know that Veterans Day, and community support of Veterans today are also hot news searches.  U.S. Veterans News therefore keeps abreast of veteran search trends to keep what your seeking at the ready.

We also highly suggest you Military Veterans visit the previous weeks US Veteran News Archives if you are new to this site as there are lots of pertainant news articles affecting Veterans Today, that has long since been forgotten in the daily news cycle of most news centers.



While Visiting A VA Outpatient Clinic You May Have Been Asked to Participate in the Million Veteran Program (MVP), One of The Worlds Largest Databases of Genetic Research.  NOW They Are Wondering IF the Military Veterans Involved Want To Know About Their Genetic Findings? Do YOU?

“We want no part of them. Keep them”  The Response of SOME Relatives When “Unclaimed Remains” Found After Sitting On A Funeral Home Shelf After Years of Abandonment – A Sad Read

The Department of Veteran Affairs May Have Billed 17,300+ Veterans For Emergency Room Medical Treatment At NON-VA Facilities Totaling More Than 53 Million Dollars By Either Initial Denial Or Ultimate Rejection Of Their Claims For Reimbursement According To A Recent IG Report

State Veterans Cemetery in Williamstown Kentucky Best in Nation

The Windy Warriors Adrenaline Therapy Project, Veterans got the chance to skydive for free

Code Vet – Local Government Working With the Community to Help Local Vets – This Has The Earmarks of a National Trend and Should Be

Purple Heart Homes – Every Hear of It? Bob Taylor Has Some Information You Might Want to Read

Veteran Commits Suicide in North Carolina Veterans Hospital Parking Lot

Veterans Affairs Department’s Director of Artificial Intelligence – WHAT? Yup, the VA is Serious About Facing Problems Facing Veterans

New Study – Shows Veterans Earn More Than Non-Veterans

MISSION Act Benefiting Veterans and the VA by Providing the Missing Healthcare Elements Both Were in Dire Need of –



The VA Needs to Change The “Recovery Based” Model Before It Expands The VA Caregiver Program

President Trump Abruptly Ended The Filipino World War II Veterans Parole Program (FWWVP) Angering WWII Filipino Veterans Who Served Under The American Flag, And Yet Continue To Be Treated As If Their Sacrifices Don’t Matter

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

President Donald Trump signed the “Let Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National Service,” or LEGION Act, into law on July 30 Opening Door for Long-Awaited Membership Submission

HAVEN ACT Passes Congress – Providing Disabled Veterans Disability Income the Same Protections from Bankruptcy as Social Security currently is afforded

VA, Military Electronic Health Record Integration – Major Progress by End of Summer

New Bill Introduced to Benefit Native American Veterans by Reimbursing Healthcare Facilities for Services Provided

Medical Marijuana Legislation Widening Access for Military Veterans a No–Go as Long as Federally Opposed

Lawmakers Expressed General Support for the Idea of Expanding the VA’s Specially Adaptive Housing Grant program to allow reapplication after 10 years

Department of Veteran Affairs Announces VA Healthcare Facilities to be Smoke-Free Beginning Oct 1, 2019 – Except-For-Staff

Veterans Affairs Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Initial Policies Promised to See the Light of Day by Oct 1, 2019

Congress Considering Expanding Fertility Benefits for Injured Veterans but Some Religious Groups Oppose the Legislation


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Military Veterans of the United States

This website caters to US Navy Veterans, Army Veterans, Marine Veterans, Coast Guard Veterans, Air Force Veterans and soon to be Space Force Veterans.  If we’ve left you out is not on purpose, drop me a line and I’ll happily add your Military Veteran status.  The goal of this site is NOT to replace your favorite Military or Veteran News website but rather to be a clearing house for your news across the sites in one location.  A staging area for quick trips into the net.


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Veterans Day – November 11

National Vietnam War Veterans Day March 29

VA Launchpad for Veterans – VA Downloadable Mobile Apps

Dignity Memorial – Homeless Veterans Burial Program

Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin

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