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2020 US Veterans News Links

 It takes an average of 4-6 hours to scour the internet in search of U.S. Veterans News.  We do the work for you twice a week, just follow the organized links to the veteran news that interests you most and ignore the rest. 

Military Veterans today are trending their internet searches toward: The Veterans Administration, Veterans Services, Department of Veteran Affairs, the VA Hospital as well as policy changes affecting U.S. Veteran benefits. It might surprise you to know that Veterans Day, and community support of Veterans today are also hot news searches.  U.S. Veterans News therefore keeps abreast of veteran search trends to keep what your seeking at the ready.

We also highly suggest you Military Veterans visit the previous weeks US Veteran News Archives if you are new to this site as there are lots of pertainant news articles affecting Veterans Today, that has long since been forgotten in the daily news cycle of most news centers.





5 Arrested in Identity Theft of 3300+ Disabled and Elderly Veterans, This Article Names Names and is Worth Reading

If President Trump Wants to Remain in Veterans Good Favor, He Needs to Keep Pushing Veteran Issues and Not Rely on Present Accomplishments

American Has Failed Female Veterans But There is a Fix

Chicopee Native and Green Beret Luis Deleon-Figueroa Killed in Afghanistan Wednesday

75 Years After World War II, Veterans Remind Us to Never Forget

2nd Cemetery in Maine to be Run by Feds

Veterans Unite to Give Vietnam Marine a Proper Burial

‘I Am a Liar. I Stole Valor’: Montana Judge orders men who posed as veterans to hold signs at war memorial

A Department of Defense Medical Records Technician Part of Fraud Ring Bilking Millions From Veterans and POW’s

Curaleaf Launches Veterans Cannabis Project

President Trump Today addressing Veterans Signed a Memorandum Directing the Department of Education to Forgive All Federal Student Loan Debt Owed by Veterans Who are “Completely and Permanently” Disabled

National Veterans Wheelchair Games leads to Wheel Chair Rugby, Brotherhood, Solace

Veterans Affairs Officials Pissed at Having to Deal with Wealthy Influencers Members of Mar-A-Lago Emails Say

Veterans Training Program Helping to Fill Manufacturing Skills Gap for Manufacturing Industry

Former Veterans Affairs Doctor Charged in Death of Three Veteran Patients

Pierce County Nonprofit Leader Paid Her Rent with Money Intended For Veterans

IG Laid-Into the Department of Veterans Affairs Over its Non-VA ER Denial Scheme





Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie Insists Electronic Health Record System on Track for March 2020 Rollout, But Recent Glitches Suggest A Six Month Delay

Veterans Legacy Memorial Honors Deceased Veterans Online

New York Enacting the Pension Poaching Prevention Act Protecting Veterans from Financial Scammers

Chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Calls for a Nationwide Stand Down and a Full Review of all Veterans Affairs Suicide Prevention Policies

Trump Signs “Haven Act” Bill Protecting Disability Payments for Veterans Who Declare Bankruptcy

Student Debt to be Automatically Forgiven for Totally and Permanently Disabled Veterans Thanks to the Trump Administration – A Must Read

State of Louisiana Launches Veteran First Business Initiative

Government Lawmakers Push for Quick Fix for Military Veterans Wrongly Billed for $53M in Emergency Care

Proposed Resolution Honors Battle of the Bulge Veterans

VA Administration Had the Opportunity to Step Up in Support of Veterans with Regard to Immigration Benefits but Chose NOT to Do-So

Indiana Joins 23 States in Removing State Tax Burden from Veterans Who Chose to Reside in Their State, Attracting Skilled Workers Contributors to the Local Economy

The VA Needs to Change The “Recovery Based” Model Before It Expands The VA Caregiver Program

President Trump Abruptly Ended The Filipino World War II Veterans Parole Program (FWWVP) Angering WWII Filipino Veterans Who Served Under The American Flag





“Operation Song”, A New VA Partnership Program with a Nashville Nonprofit That Links Veterans with Professional Songwriters and Musicians at Retreats

VA provides free recipes and cookbooks for Veterans

To Stem the 20 a Day Suicide Rate Among Veterans, President Trump Orders Massive VA Order of Anti-Depressant Drug Sravato

How VA Uses Contingency Management to Help Veterans Stay Drug Free

Gener8or Communications and The Studios Of Moving Pictures Have Been Awarded a Contract with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to Help in the Combat of Veteran Opioid Addiction

New Mobile App Released by The VA This Week Aims to Help Veterans to Access VA’s Resources and Ultimately Aims to Improve the Incorporation of the Agency’s Services into Their Lives

Veterans Advocate Speaks Out in Support of Veterans Denied Funding Reimbursements for Non-VA Emergency Care in Excess Of $50 Million

Is The Million Veteran Program Going to Crack the Code to Understanding Veteran Suicide Or Can Our DNA Pre-Dispose Us to Denied Benefits Based On Genetics in the Future?

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs In 16 Month Pilot Project Tested Telehealth Video Clinic Visits with Rural Veteran Outpatients Using Supplied Tablets in an Attempt to Overcome Logistical Obstacles Veterans Face

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to Open New VA Outpatient Clinic in Chico California – Expansion to Include Extra Personnel and More Space to Serve 9,000 Area Military Veterans

Mishandling and Paperwork Errors to Blame in Non-Remittance to Thousands of Veterans for Non-VA Facility Emergency Medical Treatment


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Military Veterans of the United States

This website caters to US Navy Veterans, Army Veterans, Marine Veterans, Coast Guard Veterans, Air Force Veterans and soon to be Space Force Veterans.  If we’ve left you out is not on purpose, drop me a line and I’ll happily add your Military Veteran status.  The goal of this site is NOT to replace your favorite Military or Veteran News website but rather to be a clearing house for your news across the sites in one location.  A staging area for quick trips into the net.




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Veterans Day – November 11

National Vietnam War Veterans Day March 29

VA Launchpad for Veterans – VA Downloadable Mobile Apps

Dignity Memorial – Homeless Veterans Burial Program

Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin

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